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This zwift is NOT SO easy to get introduced to is it only races you sign up too- no idea tried to sign up for 2 but not syncing -I have a wahoo smarty trainer- just changed from training roads app which was MUCH MORE user friendly… what If I want to ride and there are no times —not sure what is going on— also I am female and can’t change without contacting you?? Pretty ridiculous

You can free ride any time pick a world route and off you go.

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Try this site for signing up to races, group workout, and public group rides.

zwifthacks . com/ app/ events/
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You can also select the “Watopia” world (always available) from the drop-in screen, and choose Pace Partner, and then select the Pace Partner most appropriate for your fitness level or training objectives. Probably best to start with the D category PP (Diesel) to start. The skills you develop with the PP will be applicable throughout your Zwift endeavors.

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I don’t think I am
Even set up right bc I don’t see any data …

Hi @Laura_Becker

Maybe this video will help a bit.

Or if you are new to Zwift you may have to do the first intro ride first.

this video show the intro ride: