Start/Stop - from the smartphone app?

(Glen Brooks) #1

Hey gang - maybe I missed this feature, I’m fairly new, but, it would be a great idea to code the smartphone app to perform functions you do at the PC.  A big one would be to start rides from your smartphone vs. the computer? It’s a pain to have to get off the bike to start a ride, etc.


(Mark Hewitt) #2

Agreed. They are bringing out a v2.0 of the app which is claimed to bring more features, so we’ll see what that brings. 

To be fair you only really need to interact with your PC in order to start the ride e.g. Launch the app, login, pair your sensors, choose your route or select event etc. Once you’re in the app will do everything including allowing you to end the ride and save to Strava.


But it would be much better that after the app is launched everything is handled by the phone app with no need to bother with the PC any more.