Start all rides from the pier

(Mark Hewitt) #1

I know it’s in the plans given the pens which have appeared on the pier that all group rides will start from there in the future. But as someone who isn’t fussed about group riding can I request that all rides start from there? If not from one of the pens, just in the middle of the pier? 

  1. Starting there is just way cooler than at the side of the road and gives more of an event to starting your ride, than being dumped at the side of the road

  2. It finally eliminates the concept of forward and reverse. Back before the Ocean Route came out reverse direction was always very quiet, it’s improved now with the turns, but even then it’s not unusual to be on your own on the likes of the Ocean Route reverse course. If you just have a left & right choice at the start then there’s no ‘wrong’ way to go any more.

(. TomH..) #2

Hi Mark, 

Thank you very much for you suggestion. It’s something we’ve been discussing internally and our game team is very busy at the moment with the Event Module

Stay tuned for more info in future and RideOn! :slight_smile:

(Mark Hewitt) #3

Now that reverse events are possible can starting all rides from the pier be looked at again?