Stages SB20 gear display on stages link app while zwifting doesn’t alter


I’d like to see my gear while zwifting. I’ve got iPad set up with companion app, Zwift on the Apple TV and stages link on the phone. However, the gear display on the stages link app doesn’t alter when I’m zwifting. It alters fine when I manually change gear outside of Zwift, but not when I’m allowing Zwift to control the bike.

Any idea what I’m doing wrong?

Are you following a workout? As this will take away the ability to change gears - as Zwift will control the resistance for you

Any workout in Zwift, whether just ride or workout. I’ve got erg mode on in Zwift and the resistance all changes fine, however the display on the stages link app doesn’t show the relevant change in gear.

In ERG mode - there is no gears only watts. So you won’t get any gear shifts