Stages BLE Reading as Controllable Trainer bug?

(Jari Bartsch) #1

Small but annoying issue:

When I pair my Stages PM via BLE iOS/iMac/classic trainer KK Road Machine - it shows up in both the PM and Controllable trainer bucket . Not a big deal I can just turn off the Controllable Trainer pairing and leave the PM. The minor annoying issue - when using Zwift Power site, my results show me on a Smart trainer not a PM. 

* Even though Stages is listed under Power, the icon in that bucket still shows a Smart Trainer not a PM lightning bolt

* pairing  as ANT+ shows as a PM (and with the correct icon)

* I’ve found the BLE connection to be far more stable than ANT+ with regard to dropouts during rides.

Is Stages only pairable as a Controllable Trainer under BLE? Is this a known bug?

Sorry for the scattershot post.