Stage Rides - How to track them?

(Jens) #1

Hi All,

I’m a new ZWIFT user and i’m loving it so far.
However, i just missed out on Tour de Zwift, which i think is a very nice concept.

I’m wondering if there will be anymore stage courses such as Tour de Zwift, and whether how you can track those when they will be organised? I noticed in the events section there is a Vox tour going on right now, but only for women. Is there an easier way of tracking down these stage rides?

Many thanks!

(Gerrie) #2

I would just keep an eye on and

Also the startup screen in the game has these tours and challenges.

(Jens) #3

Thanks! The same goes for missions? How can i see which missions are going on? Or arent’t there any missions going on right now?

(Aaron Zwanzig) #4

There’s no missions at the moment. When there is one it will show up on the route selection window.

Here is the recently ended 10000 calories mission.