Stage 7 issues

I had finished stage 7 and some how after getting to mile 30 I tried to stop it got kicked out and it still shows me in that course. The current course is New York and Stage 7 is Innsbruck. I do not want to loose it.

Hey Marty are you saying you tried to end ride after Stage 7 and your game crashed? Or sent you back to the main menu login screen?

I had a similar experience. Finished stage 7 and continued on for about another K, ended the stage, went to save and the app crashed. My ‘in progress’ file only shows that I completed 28.4 miles and I don’t have credit for the finished stage.

Yes and after I went back into my companion it still showed me in Innsbruck. After I posted this question on here it shows that I completed via email. When I go into to look at the numberss it gives me nothing but

I have attached the info. It still shows on the main Zwift screen that I did not complete it but I did. Looks like I will do the short version to get it complete it.

Same problem.
I’ve done Stage 7 (A) but the final fit file was corrupted and the stage 7 is not validated for me :frowning:

Same problem here. I don’t want to lose my stage … :confused: