Stage 4

(Jim) #1

This may be the stage that draws people away from the other scheduled group rides. With a 1500 XP bonus per event, people are likely to ride in this event more than once. And with the make-up days schedule, there’s ample opportunity to do so (except in the six hour window where there isn’t).

(Ron) #2

So I completed my ride today (joined the 9am ride) and as soon as my completed my ride and before saving my ride, my computer crashed. I’m not able to find my results. How do I resolve this?

(Gerrie Delport TeamZF) #3

You can upload your fit file to Strava.

If you want credit for the event you should open a ticket with Zwift.

(Ron) #4

Thanks, Gerrie.

(Daniel) #5

So you are saying, I can ride this stage three or four times and still be able to collect those 1500 XPs? Even though I got them already the first time?

( -) #6

Yes, you can.
I rode the stage 4 now 5 times, and got the xp‘s every time.

You get 250xp‘s at every arc, and you find 6 of them at one round.
So you get 1250xp’s plus the 600 for the 30km ride. It’s 1850xp’s every time you ride stage 4.

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(Dave Winchester [DIRT]) #7

Just don’t do what I did and select the TT bike for the ride! 10xp instead of 250xp for every point :frowning:

I’ve ridden it 3 times now though. I was planning on doing it another 4-6 times this week.

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(Daniel) #8

Thank you very much for the info. I really did not know that. Guess it will be stage 4 a few more times this week.

(Daniel) #9

But the tron bike should do the trick, right? Did not really pay attention if I got all the 1850 XPs last time I rode.

(Dave Winchester [DIRT]) #10

Sorry, I’m new to zwift so not sure. I think I read that TT and Tri bikes are the two to avoid.

(Waldo) #11

I know the point of ToW is to showcase new features, so with that in mind is the XP locked spinner going to now be a thing enabled for group ride leaders to turn on?

That could be…something…

(S Wheat (Swami's)) #12

I have completed State 4 two times and have not gotten the 1250xp’s for both ride. I have however received the 600 for the 30km ride. I opened a ticket with Zwift to see what the issue is. I started at Level 21 and am still sitting on Level 21. So, love the ride and work out just wish things worked : - )


(Gerrie Delport TeamZF) #13

what bike did you use, Did you get other powerups going thru the arches?

(S Wheat (Swami's)) #14

I did get the powerups going thru the arches but I did not see my bar move on my display or post. I am not on a TT. I am riding a Specialized Tarmac Pro.