Stage 3 not captured in Zwift

Hey all. I noticed today my ToW stage 3 is not showing in the app. Battery died just before finish. Resumed after charge and finished. An event shows but not identified as a ToW. Distance and elevation match stage configuration.
Can it be updated in Zwift? (I’d prefer not to repeat that one…)

probably not, they have never been able to fix this sort of thing.

do the short route, Cat C, when it comes up during the makeup week. That’s a new route too, so you get a route badge.


Thanks Mike. Sounds like a good alternative.

Sorry Mike for the follow up. How can I find stage 3 event? I can’t figure out how to look backward from current day in Events.

It looks like makeup week starts next tuesday NZT - I filtered ToW Stage 3 events in Zwifthacks here so you can see your options.