Stac Zero Halcyon / Bluetooth / Controllable


I am using the Stac Zero Halcyon Smart Trainer and try to connect with the zwift android app. I get the trainer as Power Source, but not ‘controllable’.

With the Stac Zero App, I can also control the trainer. It also works with an iPhone/iOS device an the according Zwift app. The only thing not working is android+zwift+Bluetooth.

Of cause I cleanly disconnected the Bluetooth connection between the tests. I also know Stac Zero Halcyon & Android & Bluetooth FTMS and it seems like the exact same problem. Is FTMS support still missing under android?


Hi @Markus_N welcome to Zwift Forums.
Currently, the Android version of the game app has limited support of ANT+ devices, as of today - just heart rate monitors over ANT+.

Click the link above, please. We are working on supporting other ANT+ devices in beta soon, but controllable power sources are still further down the road.

Hi Shuji, I am using BLE on Android to connect the sensors.