SRAM Stage 3

Hi! Something is very wrong because I did the same stage (2) as last night.  I started out with the pack and then app detoured me to a totally different route and when I finished it said I completed stage 2.  

Not happy and would appreciate a fix. I have completed stage 1 and 2 and today was suppose to be stage 3.

J. Peters

Nearly the same thing happened to me - completed State 3 (was not detoured onto a different route), but after crossing the finish line, I could not find my name on the Leader list in the position I had finished (196), and the top header said it was Stage 2.  I also completed stage 1 and 2, and today was Stage 3.  Appreciate assistance/fix from the Zwift techs.  Thanks.  D. Resnick

I was all alone for just about the entire event and on the wrong route for 22.9 miles climbed 1211 ft when todays route was 612.

Thanks for posting Diane.




I have a similar issue. My activity data shows that it was “Stage 2” but I clearly rode “Stage 3”. Something seems to  be off for a number of us!



I’ve passed this on to the team, and we’re investigating. Sorry for the trouble, and thanks for the reports!

Thanks, Jason!  Looking forward to further news. And these SRAM rides are ROCKIN!!

Hi Jason, I too rode stage 3, but results name on saving came up as stage 2. I did all 4 stages so would be gutted to have lost stage 3… will our details be attached to stage 3 if we rode and completed the course?