SRAM Eagle GX 12sp on Zwift core?

Hey guys. I’m looking to pickup a core and have a question. I have a 27.5” rear wheel, 12sp eagle go with boost spacing. Will this work with the core out of the box if I pick the 12sp option or do I need something different? Unsure if the trainer ships with SRAM or Shimano as I know spacing is different.

Hi @Christopher_Wilson welcome to Zwift forums and Zwift more broadly.

It’s a good question! You can buy the Wahoo KICKR Core in two different configurations. The base price either way is the same, and yes, you can use either option

  1. Equipped with a cassette, the old school way. You can choose a 12 speed Hyperglide-compatible cassette, and it will work out of the box on your 148 mm Boost spaced bike.

Maybe I’m reading too much into your post, but it sounds like you might want the ideal solution, which is to retrofit an XD / XD-R freehub body on it and install a SRAM-made cassette? You can do that, but that drives up your starting cost obviously for the add-on parts.

  1. Equipped with a single-speed Zwift Cog.
    Because it’s a single-speed trainer, you’ll have to use Virtual Shifting to change resistance instead of shifting your rear derailleur. More info about virtual shifting on this FAQ. A Zwift Click shift controller will pair to Zwift and is included in the purchase price.

Me personally - I’d recommend you go with the single speed option. I have an 11 speed road bike and a 12 speed, and the Zwift Cog makes it easy to use either bike without having to swap out a cassette on the trainer. If you have multiple bikes in the household, the single speed trainer is absolutely the way to go.