Sram 12 speed on Elite trainer

Hi all,

I have currently switched from shimano dura ace 11 speed to sram rival 12 speed. To enable zwifting on my new bike I have already installed an Elite Sram XD/XDR body on my Elite Suito T. However this is not working fluently. It is not possible to shift to the smallest cassette sprocket. And on some gears cycling is not going very snoothly and with some noise. i am using the same type of cassette and derailleur settings as I am using for my outdoor/road setup.

Could any you please provide me with some help?

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sounds as though it needs reindexing

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Hi Rick,

i have the same issue.
How did you solve the Problem?


Hi Lina I have not fully fixed it to be honest. However I have found semi solution by using the micro adjust option on my sram axs group. The disavantage of this is that you need to readjust the changes made before going back to your road setup. For me this solution is okay at the moment.

Thank you so much for your answer!
I think I´m going to try adjusting as well then.

If you use sram axs app you can adjust during cycling, which makes it an easy job. More information and tutorials on youtube.

Good luck!