I think if someone starts to sprint there should be some indication in the riders display indicating that they have changed their pace. It’s too late to sprint with someone if you don’t know they are sprinting until the shoot past you. Maybe have their rider display Flash brightly or put a lighting bolt that flashes next to their name.

The w/kg readout on their name does change color if they are really hammering. I don’t know exactly where it changes colors but I know if you get up in the 7-8 w/kg the number turns orange I believe.

You don’t get notified in real life when someone is about to sprint. When getting close to the banner you should be ready to jump at any moment. Just my point of view.

@Greg…I completely agree that you don’t get “Notified” in real life but you have the ability to use all of your senses in real life. You can look around see if any one looks like they might sprint. In Zwift I normally see a guy shoot off so fast that there is no chance to catch his wheel. I’m not talking about a few bike lengths but a fairly good distance. It could simply be my reaction time but I don’t think so. I think the ability to detect sudden changes in effort should be much easier. I don’t know it that should be a riders color changing or flames coming out of his ■■■■ but having some visual or audio clue to this would greatly improve my Zwift experience. Heck I’ve been cruising to the line with a bunch of guys and I certainly don’t want to seem like an ■■■■ if there’s not going to be a sprint my shooting off the front. Usually in real life I know if a sprint is coming.

In real life you see and hear. I can read a riders body language, them checking around themselves to see who will move first. You can hear the sound of the tires/wheels when someone is cranking out 1000+ watts. Maybe on Zwift when a rider gets within 20 meters of the sprint zone and their watts/kg exceeds a certain level the view automatically changes to an over head shot so you can see what riders are cranking out the numbers, plus when sprinting they will be standing.

Unfortunately because there’s a significant lag between the time you ramp up the power and the first time the power meter/trainer/virtual power calculation actually reports it I don’t think this will ever be the same as in real life.

Instead, you just have to anticipate and sprint when you think it’s right. It’s not real-life sprinting tactics, but it’s still a tactical choice.

Given that power is generally only reported or calculated every second or so, I don’t think there’s going to be a way of getting around the lag.

I guess one can assume if other riders are within a few meters of each other, testosterone will take over and all will sprint. So just drop the hammer when you think you have a good run at the line.

Just hammer it on the sprints… works for me …

When in doubt, break from 1k out. Sometimes I change the view to overhead or looking backward to see. Mostly, I just prep to go once I hit the 300m sign.

It’s quite easy to judge imo?

I’m prepping to take the sprint when there are a few riders around me. They all tend to slow-ball as in real life and draft and then as you approach 250m, everyone ramps it up. You also have the info bubble that pops up with the distance of the rider behind from about 70m. Their intentions seem obvious if you watch their W/KG increase and their distance shorten.

I certainly have no issue of determining if someone is going to sprint.

Hit the “HAMMERTIME” button as you start your sprints… :wink: