Sprinting in groups

(Pete Fleming NSCC (WBR)) #1

Under the group ride function, Zwift has the ability to rank those in the group for each lap and position them on their own sprint leader board. That’s a great function, but today I realised there may be an anomaly in this.

Can I confirm that the leader board displays the fastest TIME over the sprint distance (200 m in forward London) and not necessarily the first PLACE in that group across the line? In other words, somebody may be at the back of the bunch, and in the timed 200 m power through the group, and use their draft to achieve the fastest speed through the 200 m timed distance. Somebody else may be on the front, sprint and be first across the line, but because their speed was slower through that 200 m distance, they are ranked lower down the leader board.

A group ride today implied that’s how the leaderboard was working. Obviously it’s just a game, and we’re not playing for sheep stations here, but it would be better in my opinion if it ranked people in the group in the order they crossed the sprint line, just as IRL. As it is, it makes sprinting difficult to judge.