Sprint triggers on Zwift Play

When racing can you make it so the RS button activates my power up so I can sprint from the drops and hit the power up when the time is right? It’s very awkward to sprint with one hand on the hood and one in the drops and then have to change positions once the power up is activated to get fully into sprint position.

Maybe this is doable already but the obvious place in the interface doesn’t seem to let me change the function of the buttons.

:100: agree! A big omission from the first batch

totally agree i’m mentioned this feature a few times hopefully they are working on things to enable it in the future

I would not mind at all if they just made that button operate power ups for now, since it is currently useless during a race (no ERG mode to edit).

BUT, what they should do is make it so the screen on the settings page that shows you what each button does allow you to change the function of each button. Or at least give me a couple of control sets to choose from like a “racing” control set that has this feature vs. a “training” control set that has the ERG mode features.

Honestly, as a racer, the only buttons I use are the power up button, the steering paddles, and the brakes (very rarely) and by far the most important is the power up activation.

IMO, the button-faces on both controllers should just be rotated downward 90 degrees. This would allow users to user their thumbs to operate the buttons from both the hoods and the drops. (The ‘activate power up’ button might then need to be moved to a different button, also.) Changing the orientation of the button-faces would also, then, allow more hand room when riding on the tops.