Sprint throttling

My last 2 races seems that I get throttled when sprinting for the finish line to almost coming to a stop. I use a wahoo snap for resistance and quarq zero power meter for power reading. This has just started happening. Here are two races that I flat line from zwiftpower. I have been zwifting for over 4 years…

have you tried using the snap for power to see if the same thing happens? Maybe its the power meter, assuming you have calibrated it recently?

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That is strange, I looked at some of your previous events and those seem normal. Did you change something like going from ANT+ to bluetooth.

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Did you check the Trainer Difficulty setting? I’ve noticed that when it’s all the way down to 0, it is effectively limiting my ability to generate enough power to sprint using my Assioma power pedals with Powermatch.

My power charts on zwiftpower show a similar flatline for just about every event, anywhere from 10-40 seconds just flat then it drops off with time, sometimes it’s in the 5w/kg range other times it’s higher in the 8-9 w/kg range. Big sprint or not it seems to flatline me just the same

Can’t say I’ve noticed it while actually riding, and I did just have to send my direto back for a warranty replacement so I guess eventually I’ll see if the replacement does the same thing