Sprint/Climb Visualization & Dash Integration


2 random suggestions:

1.  I’d really like to see better visualization of sprint and climb starts on the course.  The thin white line on the road is hard to see until you are right on top of it.  A thicker line (that doesn’t alias) or a distance-to-start countdown at approximately 200m out would be great alternatives.

  1. Does Zwift have near term intention of integrating the blue tooth HR feed from the Dash by Bragi?

Thanks for continuously improving upon an outstanding product!


I agree, Michael.  It was my first time on Zwift today, so maybe I’ll get better at seeing the cues, but I usually had no idea where the sprint started. 


I also think that it would be much better, to create a countdown or an Start-Arch.

In all honesty, unless its a new course, we all have ridden the same routes many times already. We should all know where the sprint points and KOM Climbs take affect and be ready before hand. But this would be nice for the newbies.