Spring Training Stage 4 credited or not

Today I rode Spring Training 2024 Stage 4 long version (on demand) and chose Muir and the Mountain as my route. I completed Stage 4 and then selected Sneaky from 60-90 minutes workout group to continue on Muir and the Mountain. I completed that workout as I was going up the Radio Tower. I dialed down my trainer difficulty to get up to the Tower and then continued to complete Muir and the Mountain.

After completion of the route, I checked the status of Spring Training from the app Home Screen. The percentage completion did not increase. But, the Stage 4 workout selection shows a checkmark for completion. So does Zwift Companion. Also, the Muir and the Mountain route badge was awarded and the Sneaky workout shows as completed.

If this can’t be fixed, I will ride the Stage 4 short version but I would like to know what I may have done wrong to cause this problem.

It can probably be fixed if you contact support, though doing the workout again might be easier