Spring Training - Resistance Issues?

Just curious if anyone has had any resistance issues happening during the spring training workouts? I noticed it last week that during part of the low rpm portions, my Wahook Kickr Core would almost lock up, the resistance became so hard you literally couldn’t even pedal. Fast forward to this weekend, I attempted the 2nd workout and during the first 8 minute set of trying to maintain certain watt/rpm my resistance became yet again almost impossible to pedal. It seems like low cadence/low watts it becomes very noticeable. I had to abandon the workout, I hopped in a pacergroup and everything was totally fine. Ended up doing another different route on a different map and yet again the resistance was all normal. I really don’t know if this is an issue in the workout or in the Wahoo Kickr itself starting to go? Its less than a year old.

So just an update, I attempted workout #2 twice last night, each time when I get to the first “Sprint” after the initital warmup, the resistance goes completely bonkers and pretty much seizes up the wahoo. I can still do normal rides perfectly but these workouts are breaking the machine. Is this a zwift issue or a wahoo issue??

sounds like you are experiencing the “spiral of death” you need to ramp up the cadence as the harder block starts so the resistance doesn’t keep increasing to a point where you can’t pedal any longer.

The Spiral of Death

If you understand how Erg mode works, you’ll understand what we like to call the “Spiral of Death”. This torturous event happens when you are in Erg mode attempting to hold a particular wattage, then your legs get tired and your cadence slows. In order to keep hitting the wattage target, your trainer will then increase the resistance (see examples above).

This increased resistance naturally slows your cadence even more, which means the trainer piles on more resistance… until you come to a grinding halt.

Feeling the spiral of death beginning? Ramp up your power a bit while shifting to an easier gear so you can raise your cadence. If you’re out of gears, the only way out of the spiral is to push harder, increasing your cadence so the trainer will reduce its resistance.

I’ve done workouts 1 and 2 and not noticed anything odd about them. My cadence sensor doesn’t really work so I generally ignore cadence targets and if I do look at them I have to self judge and just go slow, normal or fast based on my internal cadence sensor!

I have a Tacx neo2.