Spotty Sterzo Bluetooth connection

Thanks Paul! Seems to be fine now so have DM’ed Hakan!


Same here! I uninstalled/reinstalled the companion app and the device connected right away the next time

I just bought the steerzo, but i cant connect with the apple tv. In companion doesn’t appear the steerzo in the Bluetooth window.

I only can use it with an ipad an screen mirroring.

I prefer to use with apple tv, any advise?


  • The Apple TV can only use two bluetooth connections at the same time so you usually need to use to Companion (as a bridge).
  • The ATV needs to be 4th generation or higher.
  • The ATV and device running Companion needs to be in the same network, unfiltered traffic (router allowing specific ports to communicate).
  • You might also need to update the Strerzo firmware (if Elite has not updated the units). I dont know the status of automated Sterzo updates, there is a manual process available otherwise.

Good luck!