Spotty Sterzo Bluetooth connection

Our problem is still not listed in “Known Issues”.

  • We have to live with it until Zwift knows I guess.

So all of you, place a support ticket to Zwift in this matter. Select technical issue.

Done a ticket. Maybe sthg has done with the new ZC (BT fixes) Zwift-Game-Update (in Game Steering-Sterzo).

Let’s hope that there will be an update. I have not seen any plans for update of the ZC. Only new ver Zwift with calibration of the Sterzo.
I have been running the setup on PC and iPad and it works stable. So this definitely seem to
be a Companion problem only.

I have had little to no issues with connection the Sterzo to my Win10 PC using the ZCA.

What I do is not activate the Sterzo or connect the ZCA until the Zwift App on the PC is at the Pairing Screen.