Spoiler e-mails from Zwift

Just sitting here on a Saturday morning on the U.S. west coast watching a delayed broadcast of the women’s Paris Roubaix, when I get an e-mail from Zwift that congratulates and names the winner in the race while I had 34km left to watch until the end. The name was shown on the apple e-mail notifications, so I didn’t even need to open the e-mail. It just popped up in my notifications.

It’s nice to have timely e-mails, but it would also be good to indicate that there’s a spoiler inside, and possibly require a person to actually open the e-mail before learning who won.

Not the biggest issue in the world, but it would be have been nice to not have known the winner until the end, and it’s easier to watch a lot of these European races on a slight delay here on the west coast.

Yup, just got the same on my screen. Was planning to watch it delayed this evening. Not great planning by Zwift comms…

Edit: Just to clarify, in case anyone misunderstands, Zwift didn’t put the name in the email title, but it was in the early part of the text body, which appears in the notifications preview on screen (blurred, as I don’t want to spoil it for anyone else):

Anyone aware of the race line-up would immediately recognise that name…

Next time, they could bury the name further in the message or provide it via a link, perhaps.

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Same here. Thanks for the spoiler Zwift…

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Yeah, was planning to watch the highlights of this later but the email from Zwift takes the shine off it.

Thanks but no thanks…

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Agreed! Fortunately I had just finished watching the race, but I still thought the e-mail was a bit ‘too timely’. I know that Zwift is a sponsor of the race and excited about the publicity, but you’ve got to give people a chance to watch before sending out spoilers.


It’s as if we all have the time to sit there for hours and watch it live, especially those in a different timezone for whom it takes place in the early hours.

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Agreed. I hadn’t even had the chance to start watching and saw the name of the winner on Apple phone as well. I’ve unsubscribed from their Events emails. This does piss me off as it was completely unnecessary. Zwift, you blew it.


Yep - clowns

I saw the spoiler alert email first thing this morning. Really made me angry!!! I pay a lot of money on subscruption like GCN+, flowbikes and peacock so I can watch races on demand later in the day. Hey Zwift get out of the race reporting business oh and thanks for ruining my Saturday afternoon.


Personally I had no interest in this event but as soon as the notification came up and it was mentioned who won in the first few lines of the email (and so you didn’t even need to open it), it was obvious people would be pissed off. Not very well thought through at all.

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For what it’s worth, @Dave_ZPCMR, it was a good race. You should watch it if you have a chance.


I’ve held off on posting here because I didn’t want to get banned for going off on ZHQ. I had some skin in this event (my DiL was an Olympic/International road racer so I personally knew several of the ladies in the P-R-F) and was waiting until I finished my two events this morning but the spoiler ruined the spontaneity of the viewing. Not happy.

Years ago, I had a similar thing happen during the last stage of the 1989 Tour de France, the one where Lemond overtook Fignon in the 24.5km TT into Paris and won by 8 seconds. A friend who had satellite TV called me and spilled the beans two hours before it was going to be shown on US TV. I did not speak with him for several months afterwards.


Months? I’d have sentenced to life in the friendless zone for that!

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No spoilers please. (I’ll get me coat.)

I did watch the race live myself, so the email didn’t spoil it for me, but “this came way too soon” was definitely my reaction as well. But realistically, in this day and age, if you actually want to avoid spoilers for a sports event you’re going to watch with a delay, you pretty much have to stay off all comms until you have finished watching the event.


To be honest if you would open any social media you would get a spoiler, it really irritates me that when I search for highlights the first thing you see is " see xxx win …"

Let’s hope Zwift will learn from this. I don’t think they thought so much of the message will be displayed in the notification.


Yup - we messed up here, and apologize for the spoiler email.

It’s being discussed, and we’re taking steps not to repeat this faux pas.