Split the (new) Connection Failure message

This afternoon I got a Connection Failure message across the devices top left. Except it didn’t look like this


since all my devices were working properly. It was only when I started to feel a bit alone in the world that I realized that my computer had lost the network connection (my ISP sent a text message later about a fiber being cut nearby).

According to the release notes of this feature:

Added a notification to inform Zwifters when they lose connection to their ANT+ or Bluetooth device, or the Zwift servers.

I strongly recommend to split this message into two different messages in two different places since these are two very different failures; one message for Device Connection Failure (ANT+ and BLE) and another message for Network Failure. There is little to nothing in common with these two failure scenarios.

I think the network connection failure message is already ever so slightly different, in that the grey bar runs the whole width of the window. (That’s at least what I got the time I decided to reboot my router after already entering a world…)


It is possibly slightly different, but if so then that difference was completely lost on me as I was riding.

It took me quite some time to figure out that the message was telling me in this case that there was a network failure. It was only when I realised that I was suddenly alone in London that I looked at the network status of my computer.

Think you’re right Anna …

Not sure why they cant change the messaging to be a bit more obvious. Maybe the change related to a few people complaining about clicking the msg and getting the pairing screen when it was a network issue, which the pairing screen had nothing to do with. All very unintuitive UX that with a bit more effort would have been a really good win.


Just moving the message to the center of the screen when the issue is the network and not ANT+/BLE (instead of having the message on top of the devices) and changing the message to say “Network Disconnected” would help a lot.


Voted, good idea!


Some good points here.

I would think different wording will be in order.

Network connection failure.
Paired device failure.

maybe you can come up with better words.


I don’t think the words that I yell and scream when it happens to me would be appropriate :rofl:


Careful you might offend Alexa/Cortana/Siri.

They should also add the ability to dismiss the message, esp. if it were moved to a more central part of the screen.

“connection disconnected” is strange wording. i sort of wish it said “power disconnected” or “cadence disconnected” or “controllable disconnected”. maybe that level of detail is not necessary and it should just say “a device is disconnected”.

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i think Heart Rate failure could be a good warning to have!


at least NOT take you to the paired devices when it is a network connection issue, as it stops you dead in your tracks for no reason.

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Agree with this. Would be super nice if it would say what had lost connectivity.

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This is very much needed.