Spirit Treadmills

Hi. I interested to know if anyone is using the Spirit XT treadmill on Zwift?
The treadmill comes with a chest strap supplied. If you use the treadmill chest strap is the :heart: rate data sent to the Zwift app with the speed info via the Bluetooth connection or do you need to use another compatible Bluetooth chest strap such as a wahoo tickr and connect that to the app separately? Thanks

I’m not using the Sprint XT.

One hopeful sign, however, is that the manual does specify that the treadmill can communicate to its Spirit Fit mobile app via Bluetooth: https://www.spiritfitness.com/pub/media/wysiwyg/products/pdfs/XT285_OM_20180821.pdf.

Hi @Matt_Blomberg
It’d be better if you ask the Spirit support folks specifically with the model and the date of manufacture if that’s indicated on your treadmill.

The treadmill industry is changing very quickly from a model where their hardware only connected to their own proprietary apps via closed Bluetooth protocols to one where they’re using open Bluetooth LE protocols that work with third party app developers like Zwift. If your heart rate monitor was only designed to pair to the treadmill’s display head - Spirit’s support folks would be the best ones to let you know that.

Also - the model year when any treadmill model X was manufactured matters a great deal. The tread industry likes to retain model numbers of their best-sellers even if significant changes (like the Bluetooth capabilities) have been introduced.