Spinning out on GCN workouts

When I start a GCN workout I have to cycle at 60W, and this slowly increases to 140W over ten minutes. There is almost no resistance using a Wahoo Kickr, which makes 140 almost impossible to maintain without bouncing around uncomfortably on the bike.  When I got past the warm up the wattage on screen did not seem to reflect what I was putting into the pedals - it was hovering around 172W regardless of how much power I pushed. The workouts look really interesting but seem unusable.  Do you have any advice on this?

Have you done a ‘spindown’ on your KICKR recently? If not, grab the Wahoo Fitness app and do one.    Also, make sure you have no other apps paired to the trainer while you’re using Zwift or it may disable the control of the trainer in workout mode.

Not sure if this has been resolved, but I also have the same issue when doing a workout with Zwift and new Kick’r.  For each interval of the workout, I find myself having to maintain a cadence of over 100, if not greater, just to try to hit the wattage numbers.  I found the same thing happening during the recent Thanksgiving Group Ride, as I had had to maintain a cadence over  well 100, just to complete.  Yes, I did a spindown calibration twice already to no avail.  BTW, the Kick’r is in ERG Mode for the workouts.  Any help is appreciated.  Thank you.