Spinner Chrono Power bike not connecting

I am trying to connect a Chrono power bike to Zwift, but it is not showing up in the app while trying to connect. It works fine in other apps like IPbike or Wahoo. Connection is through bluetooth.

At most 24h fitness super sport gyms they have Chrono Power bikes. It would be awesome to be able to use Zwift in the Gym on my phone.

Hello Jeroen,
Thank you for posting feedback.
What device or laptop are you running Zwift on? Android Beta?
We have not tested the Chrono power bike (at least on Android).
You bring a great point of wanting to ride at the gym - that would be great no doubt.
I’ll inquire and see if we support that bike, and if not if there are any plans for future support.
Thank you,

I am running Zwift primarily on Android (Samsung Galaxy S8 active). I am also using a Macbook Pro and a windows PC when zwifting home, but I can’t use those in the gym, so I don’t know if that bike works on those platforms.

Since I’m traveling for work it would be awesome if I can use the gym bikes for Zwift. This also gives a great selling point for Zwift, people who don’t have a home setup, but a gym membership with power bikes. Something cool about 24h fitness is also that they have a big screen tv dedicated for cycling videos, so streaming Zwift to the tv would be an option, something that will draw some attention from people who never would have heard of zwift. Just saying it would be awesome to be able to have it running in a gym :slight_smile:

The Viiiia HR monitor also doesn’t work with this bike. I have sent them an email as well. Maybe Zwift will work if the ANT+ signal is relayed through the viiiiva. The Spinner Chrono Power bike has both bluetooth and ANT+ connectivity (both working with some other apps, Wahoo (bluetooth) and IpBike (BT and ANT+)).

Thank you!

Jeroen Post

Hi Jeroen you managed to get the Zwift app running on your samsung s8? Mine does not pair at all with any bluetooth Zwift footpods or Garmin watches.

How did u manage this?


I also could not connect to the Spinner Chrono Power via Android. However, I was able to connect to the bike via the Windows application when using the Beta connection mode for Bluetooth.

Would be great to have this functionality in the Android mobile app.