Spend surplus XP on cosmetic upgrades.

(Matt Robinson Westbury Wheelers) #1

When you are at max. level, how about banking surplus XP to spend on upgrades.


e.g. 500 points gets you a cosmetic like curly hair or red socks.

2k points for aero road helmet,

20k points for a new frame e.g. Cervelo P5


Would allow more customisation of avatar and bike without being tied to a fixed reward at each level.

(Brett Martin) #2

What to do with 235000 extra points???

(Mark Hewitt) #3

Agree that being able to spend your XP in a ‘store’ would be a good feature. You’d really feel like you’ve earned those extra bits and bobs. 

(. TomH..) #4

Hi Matt, 

Great idea! I’m totally with you on this one. Hopefully a lot of people will think the same and we’ll put it on our radar soon :slight_smile:


In the meantime Ride On! :slight_smile:

(P.O. Proulx -#TeamMoVelo) #5

a costumisation maket would be nice

(Charlie Cain B) #6

yep, I’d be well on board with this. We’re all bike snobs and kit snobs. Also I’m sure there’s not difficulty getting bike brands on board. It’s free advertising