Spend surplus XP on cosmetic upgrades.

When you are at max. level, how about banking surplus XP to spend on upgrades.


e.g. 500 points gets you a cosmetic like curly hair or red socks.

2k points for aero road helmet,

20k points for a new frame e.g. Cervelo P5


Would allow more customisation of avatar and bike without being tied to a fixed reward at each level.

What to do with 235000 extra points???

Agree that being able to spend your XP in a ‘store’ would be a good feature. You’d really feel like you’ve earned those extra bits and bobs. 

Hi Matt, 

Great idea! I’m totally with you on this one. Hopefully a lot of people will think the same and we’ll put it on our radar soon :slight_smile:


In the meantime Ride On! :slight_smile:

a costumisation maket would be nice

yep, I’d be well on board with this. We’re all bike snobs and kit snobs. Also I’m sure there’s not difficulty getting bike brands on board. It’s free advertising