Speed transfer

My wife is on Zwift as well, tho she uses accesses it from an iPad, her speed is not transferring accurately from the trainer to in game. I have never personally had this issue despite using the same trainer she is currently on for two years. Is there something within her app that I need to adjust? Height, weight etc are all accurate.

What do you mean by ‘not transferring accurately’? And what sort of trainer?

I think I’ve narrowed the issue down to it being a transfer issue between the trainer and the iPad. I put her on my trainer (hooked up thru Apple TV) and no issue. I put her back on her trainer but with the app on her iPhone, again no issue.

Also garmin tacx flow trainer. Speed was also measured accurately in the garmin app.

I would think that if the trainer is connecting to the iPhone it should also connect to the iPad (presuming BT is working on the iPad).

Make sure that the trainer isn’t connected directly to the iPad (it shouldn’t show up in the list of BT devices in Settings), but is only connected through the Zwift app. Also be sure that the trainer isn’t connected to any other devices (like the iPhone).

Not saying that this is the issue, but just remember that the speed registered on the Garmin app is irrelevant.

The only active metric Zwift uses is power (as your in game speed is determined by that combined with things such as weight, height, gradient, road surface, in-game equipment characteristics, draft effect, etc.) - noting that, in the case of trainers that don’t have power, then there is a curve that is utilized (to approximate power) using speed and cadence data.