Speed not on Par with Effort Output

Hi, been using the zwift android with the Minoura Kagura Smart Trainer, but i found that the speed shown is not on par with the effort output on the bike. No matter how much fast or how hard i ride, the speed still remain at around 10km/h ++ . Is it still something to do with the beta version or something else ? thanks

Does Zwift show your watts accurately when riding?  Your speed is calculated by your weight, current power (Watts), and the internal physics engine of the software (comprised of things like current grade of the virtual road, virtual drafting, etc). Your Minoura Kagura Smart Trainer may have a different way of calculating speed, but it most likely won’t be the exact same. 

I had the same experience - I was climbing on Innsbruck course and I did not feel the proper resistance although the display on my Galaxy S8 was showing me speed of 4-6 MPH when I was going uphill however I felt that I was going 20 MHP.

Previously I used Zwift Companion with Surface Laptop and Ant+ connection and it seems to work.

I had same problem, Bluetooth connected to smart trainer power and cadence but the controllable pair did not find the smart trainer. When cycling up hills no resistance was felt? Changed back to tablet and ant+ and works as it should? Any thoughts… thanks

Hey all, our troubleshooting guide for BLE resistance drops may offer some answers. Bluetooth can still be kind of wonky on the Beta as well but the guide at least eliminates some common interference.