Speed cutting out

Hey everyone,
I’ve just bought my first turbo and used Zwift for the first time. I was going nicely until I tried changing into a lower gear.
The lowest gear on the back seemed to lose speed connection and then I dropped to the lowest gear on the front as well and that my speed dropped completely. I went back through the gears but was stuck at 4mph and felt like I was cycling through mud. Then even as it got easier to pedal still no speed.
Any idea why this is happening? A bug or is it more likely my bike isn’t aligned and calibrated correctly?

Hi @Will_Barratt welcome to the forum.

What trainer and how did you pair the trainer?

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Hi have you a smart or dumb trainer? . If it is a smart trainer check your bluetooth connections and calibration of the item. ensure you have updated all of your Zwift apps. hope that helps

Hey Gerrie,

It’s an Elite Direto so has ANT+ and BT connectivity. I connected via the Zwift app using Bluetooth. However I wasn’t on the bike at the time of connecting it or at the time of calibrating it via the My E Trainer app that comes with the turbo, although with this being a different app wasn’t sure how relevant it was.

Hey Paul,

Thank you, I’ll try recalibrating everything and see if that fixes it.