Speech does not work on my samsung note 20

Hello my samsung note 10 has stopped showing messages whilst riding, if I use other devices it works

Hi @Wayne_Byles_6817 welcome to the Zwift forums.

Question: Is it the Note 10, or the 20? Which version of Android are you using? Have you updated the game app to the latest version that released today?

For clarity, are you saying that the Samsung no longer converts the text chat into speech? Or that the text itself does not appear? Both?

It’s a samsung note 10, yes I have updated to latest update today, I did have comments coming up a few days ago on a event but the last 2 events I’ve done nothing appears, if I just go for a ride I do not get anything coming up from other riders and if I comment
again nothing comes up, the phone is only 6 months and up to date.