Specialized S-Works SL7 weight rank

Just noticed that Specialized S-Works SL7 weight rank is change. At a beginning when i bought it from drop shop weight was 4 stars. Now weight is ranked only a 2 stars. When that happened, i hope it’s nothing to do with real life recall ;).

I wonder if it’s related to the new Dura-Ace groupset having been created overweight in Zwift, by mistake:
Zwift Insider mentions the SL7 with respect to that in yesterday’s write-up of the update: https://zwiftinsider.com/update-1-20-0-100241/

Are any of the others in that list now different weight-wise?

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Thanks to let me know that, i have completely missed that information. Yes, it’s a Dura-Ace bug. Better check bikes after every new updates, who knows what changes next time.

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That would be extremely odd if Zwift didn’t fix the overweight “bug” with those bikes, but instead just adjusted its weight star rating. It would seem to imply that the new heavier weight is deliberate.

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That what i was thinkin too, didn’t know was it bug or was it intenionally. As far as i remember some bikes star rates are change intentionally too all these years. I also don’t understand was it necessary to add that new groupset with weighteffect or some other functions. Does it really matter what virtual groupset is set to virtual bike?. It’s enough for me that frames and wheelset effect weight and aerodynamics.