Specialized Mixtape

I completed Specialized Mixtape Stage 1 on March 20.
The graphic menu of that mixtape was published a day later.
Next, I completed Specialized Mixtape Stage 2 on March 24.
The first stage is still showing as incomplete on the that menu and the first piece of the Mixtape collection wasn’t unlocked

I have the same problem but I completed workouts 1 and 2 before the graphic appeared so I’m not getting credit for either

Similar issue here. I signed up for the Mixtape Challenge today and then rode Workout 1. I logged back in afterwards and was asked to sign up again. The first ride is not showing up as completed.

Similar issue. On Zwift companion it has recorded I did the 1st stage but no recognition when I completed stage 2.

I sent an email to zwift and they told me ‘too bad’ you did the workout before iOS was published so in order to get credit you need to ride it again!! Terrible support for this.

Wow! Hopefully they’ll change their tune on that one!

I have done workouts 1 and 2 and also redid workout 2 yesterday and nothing is showing as completed for me!

Same here. Their answer:Hi Jerneja!

Thanks for contacting Zwift!

I’m sorry to hear you’re having issues with those rides.

I’ve reviewed your account and noticed that when you did those rides, you weren’t up to the latest version of the Zwift app. This is the reason you are not credited for the rides right now. Additional events have now been added so you can re-do the workouts.

You can sign up here:

I hope this helps, please email me back if you’ve got any other questions!


William M.

So frustrating and unfair :sneezing_face::hot_face::nauseated_face:

Zwift support told me they’ll credit my ride at a later date. Here’s an excerpt from the email I received:

"I’m sorry to report that we’ve had a few unforeseen complications at the beginning of our Mixtape mission. The good news is that we’ve developed a system to credit the missing ride data and mark Mixtape complete, but we’re aiming to wait until the end of the mission on April 20th to begin accepting requests.

If you still note missing progress on the mission by April 20th, please reach out to us, let us know which stages didn’t qualify, and we’ll work to take care of the rest for you. Alternatively, if you’d rather re-ride the stages before April 20th instead of waiting, that should also fulfil the mission requirements."

Not sure why they’ll credit me and not others…

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I got the same response as you Barb. Not sure whether to trust that they will get it sorted or just redo the first two workouts though!