Spawn point out of sync with course elevation map

I’m using Zwift on an iMac, together with the iOS Companion app. I have a Wahoo KICKR V5 which is connected via Bluetooth via the Companion app.

I’ve noticed several times that sometimes the spawn point is out of sync with the course elevation map. Especially in the London world. I’d estimate that it happens about 1 out of every 5 times I connect to London. When it happens, the avatar location is about 200 to 300 meters ahead of the course’s elevation map.

It’s very annoying, as it’s only noticed after you’ve reached some elevation changes on the course. The screen says you’re climbing a 4% grade, but no change in resistance is noticed. After about 200-300 meters, then the resistance kicks in. The same thing when descending on the same ride. The resistance is lowered about 200-300 meters after the decent began.

At first I thought it was Bluetooth connectivity issues, but one time I decided to complete the course even with these issues. It was at that point I noticed that all the resistance changes were “correct” and followed the course perfectly. It was just that my avatar was simply spawned too far ahead, resulting in the visuals on screen not corresponding with the resistance changes on the trainer.

When this happens, if I simply end my ride and start again, it’s usually OK and everything is in sync.