Spanish National Championship

(Unai) #1

As the Zwift comunity is growing up, spanish riders are aswell. So thats why im posting this, to let every spanish rider know that we also deserve a National Championship. The more we are, more chances we will have for a National Championship, so, come on and join.

(Juanjo) #2

Yes, please!

(.) #3

you have my support. It would be great news if they give it to us.

(.) #4

Great idea!! You have my support too. Good luck. I hope you get it. See you and ride on!!!:biking_man:‍♂:dash::dash::dash:

(Shawn) #5

That would be great for the growing Spanish Zwift community!

(N.) #6

totally agree. I do not understand that attitude of zwift.

(🍗) #7

Make Spain great again!

(Gon) #8

Clearly we deserve it!

(.) #9

We deserve it!!

(.) #10

It would be great! I think we are an active riders community and that will be a big motivation for us.
Ride on!

(.) #11

The “Spanish National Championship” is necessary already. The Spanish community deserves to enjoy its championship, it is just, the opposite, it is a serious discrimination.
Best regards.

(.) #12

Me uno a la Petición, SI al Campeonato Nacional Español

(J_) #13

I sat yes to the spanish Championchip!

(*ADZ*Manu) #14

Great idea!!!

(.) #15

Me uno a la Petición, SI al Campeonato Nacional Español

(* Minyana*NEO [ZESP]) #16

Lords of Zwift,
What are they based on to say that the country has a national championship and what is not?
Spain is a world power in cycling, we have one of the three most important tests.
Also in Zwift we have a team with many users.
I do not understand your logic … thank you for “annoying” our illusions :roll_eyes:

(.) #17

+1 Highly anticipated, please bring us a well deserved Zwift Spanish Championsip !!

(Miguel) #18

It’s a great idea, we love racing :muscle:

(.) #19

Vamooooss!!! A tope con el campeonato espaÑol!

(Ernesto) #20

Voto a favor de esta propuesta … mi OK