Sounds need some love...

(Mikael Jonsson) #1

Did a ride with a blind person and we were talking over Skype on our ride, this is som of what we noticed.

If I give a RideOn, Nice, Bell… I can hear it but not other riders, same for him, he hear his rideons but i dont hear them.

Fixed sounds on course make a HUGE diffrence in larning the cource form sounds, road surface, resistance in the smart trainer and background sounds, but the sounds is not fixed some come and go :frowning:

500m to kom sound, not first lap on London 8 but on second, no sound when passig the arch going out on next lap, Going up Box hill birds is the sound, my fried who have good earphones got some “care sound” and wounder, Where am I?

A lot of the sound problems started in the update prior to London.

Give the sounds in Zwift som love and please do think of our frinds on Zwift that are blind, they love Zwift and that can make things so much better for them.
Like, When a Intersection comes up a sound would be good for getting your position, 
All new lap arch, KOM starts, X m left to KOM, water birds near water, smal birds in the woods.

I do think You know exactly what Im talkin about.

Sorry for my poor spelling.