Sometimes skip world/route selection

Hi guys,

Yes I know others have asked this but they have always been due to it being their first time. This is not the case for me or my wife. Sometimes after the pairing screen we get kicked straight into the guest world. Not every time, but just now it happened 3 times in a row, took so long having to exit and go back in.

We’re running on Mac, with latest Zwift app, on BT. This must be a known issue surely? What are we doing wrong? It’s really annoying


This has happened to me a couple of times, when I hit “Okay” on the pairing screen just milliseconds before the timer expired. On the world selection screen, “Ride” is in the same place as “Okay” on the pairing screen, so I assume my click registered as a “Ride” click, even though the world selection screen never displayed. Now, I just wait for the timer to expire.

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