Something for slow runners?

There are a few reasons why I am now not a fast runner with no prospect of improvement, and my average pace is a plodding 9.20/km.

This puts me outside of all running events - and I have to say it’s becoming a bit dispiriting.

I’m not sure what I would suggest, but running races where I’m guaranteed to come last - even in the slowest classes - is no fun.

I agree there should be some events for even starters and slow runners.

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Most cycling events are run by the community. Cycling also needed events for slower riders and they created event.

Maybe contacting some of the running event organizers and ask if they want to do a slow run event or two.


I was just going to say this as well. going from 0-2.5 w/kg, is a huge range, and if I’m at 1.5 I have no chance.