Some Zwifters are reporting game crashes on Mac following update to Mojave OS 10.14

(Vincent) #1

Hey Zwifters,
Some users are reporting that Zwift is crashing at launch and/or having start up issues following a Mac update for OS 10.14/Mojave. OS versions before Mojave are reported to be working more efficiently. I’ll update this post as we receive new information. Thank you for your patience!


(M Newberry) #2

Thanks for posting! I’ve been scouring the forums looking for anything on this topic. My specific issue is that although the app recognizes my Kickr as the power source when loading it doesn’t register any watts once I start pedaling. Cadence and HRM do show up on the ride screen. I was really hoping to participate in Tour de Zwift.

MacBook Air Early 2014 Mojave OS 10.14.2.

(Jacky Gunawan) #3

same here, mac os high siera & ipad mini ios 12.1.1 both of my device have the same problem. speed sensor connected but cannot deliver any watts and speed. last time i zwift is on december, no problem at all. any help?

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(Vincent) #4

@Jacky_Gunawan These both sound like slightly separate issues from the one mentioned in the original post. Can you all send in a support conversation if you haven’t already? We’ll be able to help you out there :slight_smile:

Support Conversation:

(Ward Mevis) #5

I have the same issue. Zwift makes connection with my bluetooth device (Tacx Neo Smart) but says ‘no signal’ about 4secs later.

Tacx is up to date and does work with Zwift App & Tacx Utility software.

Last time I had this issue I had to update my Mac OSX software to the latest version of Mojave. So I did that (10.14.2), But it did not fix the issue.

it worked a few days ago though


(M Newberry) #6

Conversation submitted. Thanks!

(Stewart Kinnon) #7

Using Apple Mac, wont start up after log in

(James Mc Caslin) #8

Same problem here - crashes after login but before the ride begins… Error logs sent to the zwift email address

(Lance Fatstrong) #9

Nope. Nothing to complain here. (apart from integrated Intel graphics being utter crap)

macOS 10.14.2 (up-to-date)
Wahoo KICKR SNAP MY17 (latest firmware)
Wahoo TICKR X (latest firmware)
The only problem I have ever encountered was a few sudden bluetooth drops, lasting a few seconds which came with earliest Mojave release. But that was a long time ago. (fixed by OS updates, presumably)
My most recent issues were exclusively server-side problems.


(Rob) #10

I have a new Mac Mini and have just updated to Mojave 10.14.3, and the same thing is happening that happened on 10.14.2 - it crashes. I’ve tried with the Iphone companion app on and off and it makes no difference. I get to the point of pairing successfully, and then it crashes every time before the course/workout selection screen.

The instructions for reporting error logs tells the user to copy/paste the text into a Zwift website with a character limit that makes it impossible to copy/paste even a small bit of the text. If you jump through a few hoops you can upload a file, so I had to .pdf the text and upload that instead of copy/pasting it.

(Rene) #11

Hi there,

I’ve updated too to Mac’s Os 10.14 (Mojave) and when I’am Zwifting the game suddenly stops and the laptop shuts down. Is there somebody who can help me.

regards rené.

Mac's OS 10.14 (Mojave) Zwifters are experiencing stuttering in game when pairing a Computrainer
(Gustavo) #12


I just updated my Mac OS to Mojave and all of a sudden its impossible to use zwift.
It crashes (the computer shuts down) and also takes a long time to turn on again.

(Chiqui) #13

Same problem. I updated my Mac OS to Mojave and the application doesn’t work. Any help? Thank You,

(Stephen) #14

Same problem here, not sure when it started but definitely after updating to Mohave. I have a MacBook Pro and I’ve noticed that Zwift only crashes if power is connected. First I thought it was because my monitor was connected (my monitor powers my laptop through USB-C) but then realized it crashes even if I use AC adaptor to power my laptop. But works fine if laptop is not connected to a power source.

(B) #15

Is there any update on a potential fix for this?

(Conrad Juleff (A) ) #16

I am getting the same issue. Just hangs before running game.

(Lin) #17

This is an old thread. Is your Mac fully updated? FYI, the latest update was this past Thursday or Friday, Mojave 10.14.5.

Which model Mac are you running?
What year?

More information would be helpful in attempting to get you sorted.

(Conrad Juleff (A) ) #18

I am on a 2015 imac 10.14.2. Will update and see although I didn’t see a solution.

(Lin) #19

The solution may be as simple as updating OSX. Sometimes something changes on the OS side that causes unforeseen problems with apps.

I assume Zwift worked fine previously and only recently started having issues? If the OSX update doesn’t fix things, it’s entirely possible that Zwift broke something in one of their recent updates. It would not be the first time :man_shrugging:

(GenuineJenny) #20

I am having the same issue. I have a MacBook Air and ran all the updates OSX up to 12. something. All seemed well untl I went in vacation and was on zwift for 10 days. Now I cannot get it to load for anything. I’ve tried un-installing / re-installing / freeing up disk space, re-running updates, powering down all to no avail. It will just not load up. I was so frustrated after having not ridden for two weeks (and its still raining here) that I had toi beg my husband to borrow his laptop while he was at work. Fired up just fine on his Dell. HELP!! I’m ready to throw in the towel and I cannot afford a new laptop.