Some UI questions

Some n00b questions - am I missing something here or

  1. Is the only way to access the menu (e.g. go to the drop shop) by starting a ride or can you find it somewhere in the main view?

  2. Is the only way to return to the main view (e.g. to start another ride) by ending the old one, and with it the whole app?

And as a bonus question, I’m almost sure I say the wrench icon next to my trainer (for calibration) at some point but now it’s nowhere to be found. Has it been removed in and update? And does the calibration affect anything other than power readings (since I use the power meter on my bike anyway)?

PS. Am I the only one that find the minimap (especially the profile) confusing?

Thanks in advance,

  1. Yes, only by starting a ride.
  2. Yes.
  3. Calibration should be carried out in the app of your trainer/power meter rather than Zwift.

PS. No.

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I was going to follow up with “does that make any sense?” for 1 & 2 but I think I already know the answer…

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You’ve got it, people have been asking for these issues to be resolved for years.

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  1. You can access the menu and ypu “garage” and the “drop shop” anytime just by touching or clicking on the screen.

  2. You must end one activity to switch to another.