Some screenshots to show the difference between 720p and 1080p

(Onno Pierik) #1

On my laptop with Intel Core i3 4010u and Intel HD 4400 it looks like this.
The Passmark G3D Mark score is 637.
C:\Program Files (x86)\Zwift\data\configs\currentconfig.txt:
res 1280x720(16x)
time 14:30
sres 1024
aniso 4
set nAIBikes=24
//set bDrawTrees=0
//set bloomStrength=0.55

On my desktop with AMD FX-6300 and Radeon R9 270 it looks like this.
The Passmark G3D Mark score 4294.
C:\Program Files (x86)\Zwift\data\configs\currentconfig.txt:
res 1920x1080(0x)
time 14:30
sres 2048x2048
aniso 4
set gSSAO=1
set gFXAA=1

On both machines Zwift runs smooth. Only detail differences. It doesn’t sound much, the feeling is very different at 1080p in high details (maybe ultra) compared to 720p medium details (maybe low) Can someone at Zwift tell me which detail level each screenshot is?

On an old desktop with AMD Athlon 64 X2 5200+ and Radeon HD 3200 it runs but not playable. The Passmark G3D Mark score is 55.

The thing that counts is your G3D score, check it here:
The cpu doesn’t matter that much unless you have a very slow cpu. The game isn’t optimized for multi threads. If you don’t have the fastest cpu, check the single thread score (Intel cpu’s have a better single thread score)

And check this one:
Looks very cool, realistic shadows.

(Andrew Williams) #2

those links are all non-functional. Zendesk seems to barf on long links.

(Onno Pierik) #3

The 720p image is:–core-i3-4010u–intel-hd-4400.jpg

The 1080p image is:–fx-6300–radeon-r9-270.jpg

(D THANG) #4

I can’t for the life of me get the AA to work as well as I see it working in some other screen shots. I am using a 30" IPS monitor at 2560x1600, a 970gtx card and a high end gaming PC water cooled. I have the hardware running super fast and well cooled. I just can’t get a grip on which of these config files is effecting the game. Even if I enable AA in all of the config files I still get jagged edges. Can someone post maxed out settings and let me know which config files to make the changes in? Tx!

(D THANG) #5

Btw, I’m sure these settings will be availed down the road, I just was trying to get some uber sexy screen caps of the Dogma. Plus I love the gaming side of this project.

(Onno Pierik) #6

Are you sure it’s 2560x1600? Not 2560x1440?
The Full HD resolution scales to your monitor resolution. Maybe that’s the problem. I’ve bought a 1920x1080 screen because Zwift (and most games if I want to play sometimes) support this.

(D THANG) #7

Oh tx Dixon, I never even thought of using that. I was just fiddling with the config files.

It was a false alarm, just my mistake I think. It was likely that I was looking at my guy standing still. When he gets in motion everything looks way better, even screen caps.

(D THANG) #8

Also it was not a scaling thing, just the detail of some graphics when still. Tx

(D THANG) #9

Oh my bad! I see your name all the time not sure why that happened. You can call me Ian from now on.

(Duane Gran [Vision]) #10

I don’t have a gaming rig (and don’t understand much about video cards) but my system is pretty recent. I don’t get anywhere near the quality of gorgeous graphics that I see from some of the others. I still think Zwift is pretty cool looking, but does anyone have a laymans recommendation for video cards?

In other words, can someone list a good/better/best example if someone wanted to upgrade cards? I don’t think I’m in the water cooled league but I bet for a modest investment I could radically improve things. I just have no idea where one starts.