Some questions from a new user

(Mike Blaszczak) #1

I finally started using my Zwift beta membership. Thanks for admitting me! I’m having lots of fun.

Thing is, I can’t find any documentation, so I’m just chock full of questions.

Someone gave me a “ride on” award. What does it mean? I guess it’s just a thumbs up. I can see their names, but I can’t find a way to view their profiles or friend them, or follow them. Or send a message back. How do I do that?

How can I draft? I can catch up to another rider, but I either end up passing them or they take off. It’s very difficult to get my speed just right.

How do I know if I’m successfully drafting? Is there an icon or marker on the screen that shows me I’m getting a benefit?

When I’m going for a sprint, how do I know what distance remains? I see the distance markers for the last 300 meters, but what about the rest of the way? How long is the sprint? How long is the hill climb?

Is there a way to steer?

Where can I find a list of commands? Looks like I can press numbers to switch camera angles. What else can I do?

When I finish a ride, I see my current stats and my “best”. Funny thing is, after three rides, I haven’t set any “bests”. Each of the fields shows double dashes, like “–”. How do I set a best?

Is a history of my times on the sprints available? Maybe I’m getting better, or maybe not. How would I tell?

The viewer lets the sun set and it gets dark. That’s neat, but I’d like to disable it because the lighting in my workout room isn’t so great and the lack of contrast makes everything hard to see. Is there a way to disable ambient light in the game?

When I coast, I can’t hear my freewheel. That would be nice!

If I hook up a microphone, am I able to voice chat with other riders?

After a workout, I see a graph with my power distribution and a couple of other graphs. That’s awesome, but I can’t revisit that graph after my rides. How do I find it?

If I stop riding, I  end up at the “pause” screen. I poke the “done” button, and I save my ride. When I press “save”, the app disappears. It sure would be nice to have a message saying that my ride was saved – I was terrified that I lost data.

Sorry if these are feature requests – I don’t mean to be demanding, but I can’t find any help screens that show me around.

(Andrew Williams) #2

(Rob Toeppner) #3

I think many of your Qs are answered in the doc that Andrew referenced, but here are a few snippets that may not be there:

-Drafting is tricky, and part of the difficulty may be due to varying connection qualities.   I often find myself pedaling like crazy to get into the draft zone, only to pass the rider.   It isn’t easy.

-You’ll know you’re drafting by seeing ~20% (?) less Wattage on your part than the front person.   No specific icon that I’m aware of.

-No steering.

-I’m unaware of a gamma adjustment for Zwift.  (Light/dark.)

-Freewheel spin is a cool idea.   You should post that in the Feature Requests area.

-No microphone.

-You can import the resulting .fit file from Zwift to various 3rd party apps for post-ride analysis.

(Christian Wiedmann [X] 50) #4

One other way to tell you’re drafting (if you’re going over 20 mph) is that your rider will sit up in the draft.

Drafting just takes a little practice. The trick is to hold 10-20% less power than the rider you’re trying to draft. If you start passing, don’t let up too much. The added wind resistance will push you back into the draft.

When I draft, I often bounce into the wind for  short amounts of time before going back. If you let up when this happens, you will tend to have trouble catching back on when the other rider passes again.

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #5

Hi Mike,

Many of your questions are answered in a post right in this forum:

We currently do not support steering in Zwift (nor do you really need it right now), there’s no voice chat at the moment, you time of day is controlled by the server, and more user-friendly UI is coming.


(Chris Wilkerson) #6

Connecting your Zwift account with Strava is a great way to track your best times and get power graphs.  You can also see who was riding at the same time you were,  and send them kudos and messages