Some pace partners can/can't be followed

I’ve tried to add all the pace bots as “followed” Zwifters (and favourite them) so I can track where they are on the map.

I can do this with some of them (B.Brevet comes to mind) but others (Cadence, Diesel) just result in a “pending follow request” - and further there’s no info on the bot. (private profile)

Why are some bots private/unfollowable, others not?

The net effect is they’re invisible on the map if you just want to go find them manually without quitting a ride. Can we get some feedback on this from Zwift HQ? Is this intentional?

Tbh you shouldn’t be able to follow them. That’s the intention.

The earlier ones are probably at their follow limit but I think that any we add in the future will be private.

What’s the rationale (intentionality) behind not allowing them to be followed?

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I agree that we need to increase their viability.
If I want to ride with Brevit, I usually see what course he is on and ride it in reverse until I see him then U turn.

Sometimes, if they overlap, I’ll ride with CoCo then jump in with Brevit.
I wish if you have followed a Pace Partner or stayed in the Drops Zone for 1 min or so, your route would automatically change to his so you don’t have to make manual turns.

Also, it would be nice if the tall ride leader banner would always be visible from 1/2 or 1/4 mile so I can prepare for the U turn.


They’re shy