Some extra road ideas for Watopia!

I don’t know if you guys are up for making this (because Watopia’s already has lots of roads) but there are some things I feel Watopia is missing.

  1. down in the decent to the Jungle there is one of those block off construction things on the side of the mountain and I just have an idea of what it could be: If you’ve ever heard of Haleakala in Maui, HI that’s where I got this first idea. It wouldn’t be as long because the actual one is around 35 miles to the summit and 10K feet of climbing… it wouldn’t be that much but rather it would go from that area I was talking about to the Alpe du Zwift summit. Then once you got to the top there would be a bridge to link up with the ADZ summit or people could have the option to go down the normal way or climb it then descend ADZ or vise-versa Also since it starts on the side of a mountain to start it off it would go through a crystal cave/geode type cave with lit up crystals and as you advance upwards you could come out of the dark, crystal lit cave, go through national park/forest, then up higher near/at the summit it would basically look like mars meaning it would have a rocky red top above clouds just like Alpe du Zwift (that’s where the bridge linkup thing would be).
  2. The next idea of road in Watopia would require some expanding the entire map’s borders. I thought of this idea because the Strava map shows a western side of the island. Where you would enter this segment would be at the top of ADZ (so the ADZ turn around could serve as a double summit for this climb, too. Or there could be a stretch of road that links it up with it’s own summit.) Then once you’ve reached the bottom of the climb what would be waiting for you would be basically downtown’s twin (I say that because it’s another beach coast city). What could be included could be: a stretch of road along the coastline, a pier that people could cycle/run on, a small KOM about around a mile or less that would lead up to a lighthouse at the top on the edge of the cliff on the shoreline next to the ocean, and a velodrome. I’m not saying this will happen but I just think it would be really cool.