Solution for underlying connection error

Hi All. Today when I went to run Zwift I got the following error: “Zwift encountered the following error: The underlying connection was closed: The connection was closed unexpectedly. If the problem persists please contact Zwift support.”

I noticed that some other people reported the same problem in this this archived thread but there didn’t appear to actually be a resolution.

I figured out my issue so just thought I would share in case someone else hits this error and is impacted by a similar cause.

In my case - my house lost power momentarily yesterday. The particular HTPC I run Zwift on is fairly old - which I am guessing has led to the CMOS battery on my motherboard going bad. I believe when it lost power current the CMOS was reset.

The actual problem was that the clock on my computer had been reset to 1980 or something and I needed to force an NTP synchronization so that it had the correct time since the SSL certificate is not valid in 1980.

Anyway, hope this helps someone at some point.

Ride on.