So many bugs!

I have a whole host of bugs to report, but I could do with some help from an admin knowing which are already known about and which are new/need logging before I go raising a bunch of different bug reports please and creating “noise”.

The issues that I have come across are (numbered below):

  1. Zwift app crashes if I switch app context for too long (eg to change music tracks on a music app
  2. If ZZwift crashes, it offers to let me resume my ride, however on the resumed ride it forgets which route I was riding
  3. If Zwift crashes, it lets me resume my ride, but doesn’t resume the workout I was doing
  4. If Zwift crashes, very often I resume “flying” through the sky rather than on a route for a few seconds
  5. If I leave a meet-up and start a new ride then the “join meet-up” button intermittently flicker-appears for fractions of a second for the entire ride duration at the bottom left of screen, but disappears far too quickly to click on.
  6. Zwift companion app will only intermittently detect that I’m riding and put me into the “ride” context in the companion app. Sometimes it doesn’t do so even if I’m on the same wifi network and with bluetooth enabled.
  7. If using the companion app to create a meetup and zwift detects that I’m currently riding, the companion app will flick me into the “ride” mode and ignore the fact that I’m creating a meetup/discard my progress in creating the meetup
  8. When starting a Zwift ride but with a meet-up or group ride that I’ve signed up for starting soon, the “join meet-up” button appears then reappears at the bottom left intermittently, or sometimes not at all.
  9. When joining a meetup, zwift always brings up the chat box, moving all other screen elements off the top of the screen for some reason.
  10. When rejoining a ride from a Zwift crash, the workout graph shows my red HRM line but the area beneath it is transparent/not “coloured in” with the colourcoded zone effort (blue/green/yelllow/red) as usual - it backfills eventually after several minutes
  11. If I do multiple workouts in one ride, the ride report at end always shows the name of the first workout rather than the last or current - typically the name of a warmup
  12. The workout graph stops short of right screen edge/is cropped even if chat hidden/off
  13. Workout interval repeats show as eg “1 of 9” but get assigned only one workout star for the entire repetition set rather than 9 stars
  14. Leaderboard for segment efforts reads “week ago”, not eg “1 week ago”
  15. Zwift lists TrainingPeaks workouts as duplicates - once for each time you leave a meet-up
    15.Zwift crashes if you try and edit an imported TrainingPeaks workout
  16. Zwift highlights intervals in the top left list in wrong colour/not individually where on/off repeats. For example alternating Z5/Z1 (work/rest) are shown as red/red rather than red/green as they should be
  17. On the Makuri wandering flats route your avatar leaps/stutters like a skipping video when transitioning to gravel out of Neokyo
  18. Workout segment portals show up on the wrong route ahead of you at junctions - for example if the route you are on continues forward at a junction the workout portal for the next segment will show on the left fork (for example) instead, even if that isn’t the route you are on.
  19. On the Neokyo map (on ipad) the entire game sometimes goes very jerky/stuttery with very low framerate. It only seems to happen on certain map sections.

Can someone confirm which of these is NOT known about and I should log a fully detailed bug report for please? All of these are on iOS (latest version)

(As an aside the fact that I can list 19 separate bugs is really really not good!)


My first concern is why do Zwift crash, that is probably the most important thing you need to fix.

Can you give more information about your system.

Also search the forum some of those are known bugs that are being worked on.

Can’t comment on the platform-specific stuff (other than to roll my eyes at the crashing on a platform many swear by) but I’m afraid loads of those are ‘just Zwift’. Disable Wi-Fi Assist or use Flight Mode for the Companion app.

Acknowledged bugs are here: Known Issues - Zwift Forums

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My first concern is why do Zwift crash, that is probably the most important thing you need to fix.

I rather think its Zwift’s job to fix the crashes, not mine :sweat_smile:

Its a stock Zwift install on a stock Apple device running latest iOS and latest Zwift.

I’m afraid loads of those are ‘just Zwift’.

I’m not sure that I agree with you that we need to simply accept that Zwift has bugs rather than require them to fix them? I wouldn’t accept this with other software, if you are saying that Zwift simply do not fix bugs that sounds like a major cultural problem at Zwift that needs to be challenged, surely.

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They are likely to be a local issue though.

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Join the club. :expressionless:

About half the messages on this forum are about challenging said cultural problem…

They always are… :stuck_out_tongue:

I am trying (very hard) to think of a reason an application crashing is “a local issue.” Even if some XYZ condition is not met, or FOO fails, why would the application crash???

It should always, always, create some report (after all, Zwift does have a log file!), present the user with some meaningful information, and on the risk of sounding really radical - restart.

Common now, @Zwift .

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Generally internal network.

I have approx 40,000km on Zwift and can count on one finger the number of crashes I have had (I was recording video and ran out of disc space).

Let people on here help you try to narrow down any issues - they are very good at that and see if we can resolve the crashes you have been experiencing.

This doesn’t of course remove blame from us - there are bugs that we need to fix, but you should not be experiencing crashing.

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Hmmm… sorry, thanks - but no. I do appreciate any response (sometimes it feels most everything said here falls on deaf ears :frowning: ), but how would (for example) an “internal network” issue cause an application to crash?

I thought you already diagnosed the cause of the crash here:

Maybe try reporting that one in more detail and see what happens (and try avoiding to do things that make Zwift crash in the interim)?

I was in a Zwift race the other day and reached the end of the Spotify playlist running on the same Apple TV that was running Zwift…
I was afraid to temporarily navigate to the Home Screen and back to Spotify to restart some tunes out of fear that the activity would pause or crash or I’d lose my place in the race. Does anyone know what happens if you briefly navigate out of the Zwift app while in an event?

On a PC (and probably Mac), nothing adverse happens. On an app-based system I doubt it would end well, and I strongly suspect Zwift isn’t intended to persist in the background. It’s a 3D game.

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Thanks Dave…I tried something safer by choosing a slower pace partner recovery session to try toggling to Spotify to forward the current track and back to Zwift, and when I came back to the game I was several seconds behind the group.

So definitely not something to try during a race, at least using Apple TV!

So as a minimum it’s pausing/interrupting the device pairing communication. Yeah not something you want to be doing.

…or maybe just skipping the pack dynamics stuff thus effectively putting you in TT mode (no draft) while in the background. Then again it’s easy to fall behind while doing something else just from not paying attention and dropping your power by accident.

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You get dropped, even if you increase power and pedal your legs off :smile:

Zwift isn’t meant/designed to be put in the background. This isn’t a bug.

There might be (and almost certainly is ) local issues that are at play however a fatal application crash cant be dismissed and assigned to another cause . At the very least it should throw some exception message to help diagnose issue before terminating. This is not only to help the local system user but also of course application support who can then legitimately and without dispute cite it as a local issue . A well designed and architected application should always strive to handle errors gracefully through a global application exception strategy and not terminate at all. If it doesn’t do so , no matter. what the root cause I think it is considered fair to assign it as an application issue.


I guess Zwift cannot recover from being pushed to the background. Worse - iOS may be at play here, killing background app (these are all guess…)

Surly, @Zwift can, and should, address this issue. It is not “local”, or “internal network” - it is either bad app design/implementation, or an implementation bug.

A workaround would be to simply not switch to a new application… until the bug is zfixed. Unfortunately, most times, the workaround persists, and the fix never arrives… :frowning: