Snapshot Upload

I am on Windows 10, and use the companion app. All my sensors/controllers are connected to Windows 10 via BLE or Ant+ (have both dongles). All good so far.

I have noticed that when doing back to back sessions, any image captures (F10) are carried over to the last session, and attached to the final activity.

For example, I start with cycling. All good. I take a couple of screen captures. I go to the pairing screen (A), and change sport to running, pairing up the treadmill, and click on Ok.

I do my run, and take another couple of screen captures.

What I get is zero images in Strava for the cycling activity, and four images in the running activity (two cycling, and two running).

I know in the grand scheme of things this is a minor bug, but it makes you wonder if there is any other pollution of data not yet discovered.