Snapshot duplicates

(Steve Auckly | 3 Feet Cycling(KC)) #1

I have a Samsung Note 4 (android) and when I use the Snapshot button on the app, I get between 30-110 of the same picture on my phone. I don’t use this often so it’s not a huge deal. Just wondering if anyone else has the same issue.

(Lindsay Ruppert) #2

Hi Stephen-

This issue actually occurs on my Samsung Note 2 here in the office as well (though I get a much more manageable 3 duplicates). We’re looking into in. :slight_smile:

(Frank van den Berg(ODZ-C)) #3

Same on a Samsung smartphone, each photo is duplicated 3 times.

(Darren Johnson) #4

I raised a support ticket regarding this on the 3/2/16 and got a response from Jessica S on the 6/2/16 to say it’s been passed to the technical team.

I have heard nothing more in nearly a month

My device is a Samsung s6 edge.


(Lindsay Ruppert) #5

Hi Darren, and everyone else - 

We’ve implemented a fix for this issue in the latest ZML update, and I can confirm it has fixed the issue on my device. If you haven’t updated, get the latest version of the app and give it a go. If you’re still getting multiple shots, let me know ASAP and we’ll get right back on it.


(Frank van den Berg(ODZ-C)) #6

Works fine now, thx

(Darren Johnson) #7

works fine after update 

(Steve Auckly | 3 Feet Cycling(KC)) #8

Thanks! Works for me now too.