Snap - more than 2 turns of the blue knob to calibrate

Hi all

I’m having trouble calibrating the power to be realistic with my ability.

I own an external power meter, and whilst I don’t expect it to be 100% the same with the Snap power, it does seem way off (say 60 watts).

I’ve been doing the Basic Spindown and after more than 3.5 turns of the blue knob, the spin down time is 15.6 seconds.  In discussion with the Wahoo they say the spin down should be within 9-16 seconds.

Question - should I continue to further rotate the blue knob to get it to sit around 12 seconds?  My fear is that I will be going too far with the blue knob rotation to align the power to be realistic.

I own a Snap as well and you need to perform an “advanced” spindown. it’s only found on the IOS version of the Wahoo fitness app. Some snaps went off the production line with incorrectly calibrated sensors so the advanced spindown corrects this. It only needs to be done once. Once properly calibrated, the Snap returns power values to 5-10 watts higher than my Stages PM. As for the blue knob, just 2 full turns is needed.